make $50 dollar a day

How to make $50 dollar a day – 15 Effective Ways to Earn $50 a Day in2023!

make $50 dollar a day

When I was in college and exploring various side hustles, making $50 a day felt like an unattainable feat. $50 represents a significant sum, and achieving this goal would mean an extra $1,500 each month. However, after several years of hustling, I’ve managed to create income streams that yield far more than $50 per day. If you’re eager to increase your income in a substantial way and are searching for a practical daily target to work towards, this list of 15 methods to earn $50 a day in 2023 should offer some inspiration. Let’s dive right in!

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How to Make $50 A Day

Over the past few years, I’ve experimented with numerous online side hustles and in-person gig opportunities to make extra money. During this time, I’ve discovered several that can generate $50 a day or even more with some effort. Think about your own skills and the kind of side hustles you’re interested in, and you’ll be ready to choose one or more of these ideas to start making money.

Freelance Writing

In 2020, I made the bold decision to quit my job, relocate to Colombia, and become a full-time freelance writer—or to be precise, someone who blogs, freelances, and earns money while traveling with just a laptop. Freelance writing has been a passion of mine for quite some time, and it was one of my favorite side hustles during my college days.

Freelance writing is a fantastic venture. You get to collaborate with amazing editors, work with interesting websites, set your own hours, and earn money online. Achieving the goal of making $50 a day only requires a few clients or a single steady one.

Here are some of the freelance rates I’ve encountered:

Content mill writing: I wrote for $0.05 per word during my college days. At this rate, you need to write 1,000 words to reach $50.

First freelance gig: In 2019, when I was considering transitioning to full-time writing, I secured a ghostwriting job for a finance publication that paid $0.07 per word. To reach $50, you’d need to write a little over 700 words.

Better freelance opportunities: Thanks to connections made through This Online World, a stroke of luck, and the creation of Tom Blake Digital to enhance my pitching skills, I found three more fantastic clients with rates ranging from $0.10 to $0.15 per word. At these rates, you’d only need to write approximately 350 to 500 words to make $50.

As you can see, all these rates can easily help you reach the goal of making $50 a day. My recommendation is to begin blogging on Medium to develop your portfolio.Then, join blogger Facebook groups in your niche and network with fellow writers. Writing jobs will come your way, and when they do, you’ll be well-prepared to pitch and secure your first job. Hopefully, a single freelance writing client or two will assist you in surpassing the $50-a-day target and significantly boosting your monthly income.

Pro Tip: For a step-by-step guide on how I went from $0 to over $100,000 in freelance writing income, check out my Freelance Writing For Freedom course!

Make $50 a Day with Various Side Hustles”

Are you aware that it’s possible to earn $50 a day by engaging in a variety of side hustles? In today’s world, there are numerous opportunities to generate income through different activities. By combining several of these methods, achieving a daily income of $50 is feasible. I have spent years testing and writing about various cash game apps and gaming opportunities. Some of my personal favorites include:

Cash Giraffe: An Android game that offers gift cards and PayPal cash prizes.

Blitz Win Cash: An iPhone game where you can pay to compete in games like Solitaire, Bingo, pool, and more.

Twitch Streamer: Earn passive income by streaming your gameplay on Twitch.

Mistplay: A popular Android gaming app that rewards you with free gift cards.

Rewarded Play: A similar app to Mistplay with a low $5 cash-out minimum.

Cash Cow: An Android app that allows you to earn PayPal money by playing games.

I’ve also created a video outlining some of my favorite gaming opportunities if you’re interested in exploring more money-making apps.

Another straightforward way to make $50 a day is by using paid survey websites and reward platforms. While this type of work can be somewhat tedious, some individuals earn over $1,000 per month by dedicating enough time to these websites. Here are some leading GPT websites and apps you can try:

Swagbucks:Make money by doing surveys, viewing advertisements, doing online shopping, downloading apps, and more.

Branded Surveys: Share your opinions for PayPal cash and gift cards.

Survey Junkie: Answer surveys and cash out with free PayPal cash or gift cards once you earn $5.

InboxDollars: Get paid for answering questions, and receive a $5 sign-up bonus.

Kashkick: Earn PayPal money by answering surveys and downloading apps.

Popular survey app: AttaPoll has a low $2.50 cash-out threshold.

Ipsos i-Say: A global survey site with a low $5 cash-out minimum.

I’ve also created a video about my favorite survey platforms that I’ve cashed out with over the years. These are just some of the legitimate online jobs you can explore.

If you’re still wondering how to make $50 a day online, you can consider starting your own blog. While starting a blog doesn’t lead to quick money, the income potential is virtually limitless. With strategies like affiliate marketing and focusing on low-competition keywords and SEO, it’s possible to make $1,500 a month after about a year of work.

Another option is working as a food delivery courier. Food delivery companies are currently hiring, and it’s one of the most straightforward ways to make $50 a day. Popular food delivery companies like DoorDash, Instacart, Uber Eats, Postmates, Shipt, Cornershop, Grubhub, and Amazon Flex offer respectable hourly rates.

Renting out your assets is a creative side hustle that can help you make $50 a day. Whether you’re renting out a spare room on Airbnb or valuable equipment like photography gear on platforms like Fat Llama, there are numerous opportunities to earn extra income.

Starting an online business is another way to generate consistent revenue and achieve your daily income goal. You can explore various online business models, such as selling Etsy print-on-demand products, starting a Shopify store, dropshipping, offering digital products, online consulting, and more.

If you love dogs and working with animals, you can make $50 a day by offering dog walking and sitting services in your city. Gig apps like Rover can help you find your first clients, and you can earn $15 to $20 per hour for dog walking.

A unique way to earn money is to launch a YouTube channel. With time and dedication, your channel can grow to the point where it generates $50 or more per day in income.

Freelancing in various fields, such as writing, graphic design, SEO, social media management, and more, is a flexible way to earn $50 a day. To find clients, you can use websites like Upwork and Fiverr.

Selling unused clothing or flipping clothing online has become a popular side hustle. Apps like Poshmark, Mercari, and Depop make it easy to sell clothing and accessories online.

You can also look for same-day cash gigs in your area through on-demand job marketplaces like Oppizi, JobGet, Instawork, Jobble, Wonolo, and Staffy.

Virtual assistant work is an affordable way for businesses and bloggers to outsource various tasks. Common virtual assistant tasks include data entry, social media management, digital marketing, scheduling appointments, and email correspondence.

Online tutoring is another high-paying option if you’re an expert in a specific subject. Platforms like BookNook, Qkids, VIPKid, Palfish, and Studypool pay $15 to $22 per hour for qualified tutors.

Investing in dividend-paying stocks can be a long-term strategy to make $50 a day. Over time, your investments can generate the desired income.

In conclusion, there are various ways to make $50 a day, and it’s essential to choose the method that best suits your skills, interests, and available time. Whether you prefer online opportunities or offline gigs, setting a goal and working diligently can help you achieve your income target.

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