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VidiFire – the powerful video weapon behind 30 JVZoo top sellers

Hi everyone! Welcome to my VidiFire Review. In this review, I am going to show you what your are seeking for - special infomation of VidiFire.

Introducing Vidifire

VidiFire is a brand new powepoint video templates that will help you make animated videos that is going to attract attention from your spectators and raise your sales conversion. In other words, VidiFire is created using powerpoint. So, now, you do not need to buy expensive software for creating video. With VidiFire, anyone can make animated video with powerpoint just in time within 10 minutes!!

Inside of VidiFire are animated video template, social media video templates and logo opener. Templates, which is ready to use, just 3 steps to create interesting videos open-edit and export, are very easy to work with.

What Is Vidifire?

VidiFire is launched by Peter Beattie. As far as I know It has been developing and perfecting over many prosperous product launches and advancement over 7 years. It is the general pitch video framework playing an important role in over 2.5 million dollars in sales on JVZoo in the past few years. More important, Peter has used this framework in over 30 of his latest product launches.

So many users use VidiFire as a starting whole bussinesses, then those bussinesses are offerd for sale to investors. In general, I am sure that you will love it in case you wish for creating sales videos aiding you get generate your income rapidly.


Vidifire Overview

  • Product name: VidiFire
  • Vendor: Peter Beattie
  • Launch date: March 30, 2017
  • Launch time: 11:00am EST
  • Front-end Price: $27-47
  • Niche: General
  • Bonuses: Of course!

Peter Beattie – The Vendor Of Vidifire

With the experience from 20 previous launches, Peter Beattie continues to introduce us the best ever video that is suitable for anyone to attend. If I am not mistaken, Peter Beattie comes from Standish, Maine and stays home to create worthy videos training course that bring people around the world the method making money online.

Moreover, He is kind of humorous when put the introducing about himself on facebook "I sell things on the internet so I can eat pizza". Peter started to be a software entrepreneur in 2009 when he bought his house.

The Features Making Vidifire Great

+ The Worthy Case Study Training:

This is the place that he show you via the whole VidiFire frameworks little by little with real examples from real world. Whenever your clients finish this training, they are going to possess a sales video on steroids that can be utilized to not only offer for sale about everything but also charge a chance to do this for customers.

+ The Templates:

Your clients are going to have the absolute pitch video framework Peter follows when he needs to win a sales video that turns strangers to customers. It can be considered as cheat codes they can follow and fill in the blanks.

Who Should Use It?

With this significant training video, even affiliate marketer, product creator, eComm store owner, consultant, speaker, author or a local business owner… can attend. Afterwards, anyone of them can be mastered the exact formulas and the templates for effected epic videos from Peter. After all, you sales will be grow up.

What Are The Pros And Cons?


- NO need to be on camera (I use text slides 90% of the time)

- Do not need for fancy cameras or equipment (I use my iPhone)

- No more spending all days or weeks creating videos (my way only takes a few hrs or a day at most)

- NO need for complicated software (I use Free or low cost tools)

- None stress out about what to say in your videos (this makes script writing a quick & easy task)


- There is no Cons in my opinion

Is There Any Bonuses? Yes Of Course!

Video Marketing Cheat Sheet

Video Marketing Cheat Sheet

Video Template Mega Pack

Video Template Mega Pack

100+ Background Music Tracks

100+ Background Music Tracks

60+ Stock Video Backgrounds

60+ Stock Video Backgrounds

How Much Vidifire Costs?

The price of VidiFire is going to rise hourly, so be sure to possess VidiFire as soon as possible

  • Thursday, 30 March 11:00am EST: the price will start at $27 (72% off early bird discount)
  • Thursday, 30 March 04:00pm EST: the price is going to go up to $29.95 (69% off)
  • The price will be up to $37 (61% off) at 11:59pm EST


The Coupon Code "VIDIFIRE5" brings you the $5 discount. This couple will be available from Friday, 31 March and last for the duration of launch.

VidifFire already has given me a new adrenaline rush that I too can create a professional video that looks like I studied video creation and editing for years. And all without the expensive experience and skills the Hollywood video creators have at their disposal! I can finally do it too.

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