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Increasing video conversion rates higher than any other online media, gathering viewers’ information and turning it into your profits.

Video Overplay- AZ Review

I cannot deny that if you have just began an online marketing or you have been conducting for a while, video is always the most powerful medium engaging and connecting with your website spectators.

In this post, I will introduce you a powerful WordPress plugin letting you collect all the information about your spectators and then introduce your products or service to them based on their answers. This great plugin is called Video Overplay.


Product Name: Video Overplay

Vendor: Cindy Battye

Launch date: 19 July 2015

Front-end price: $17 - $27

Market: Software

Easy To Use9.5


Video Overplay can be understood as a WordPress plugin bringing several possibilities towards making the best of the natural engagement power of videos so users can improve the number of subscribes and profits.

Video Overplay allows users to integrate custom buttons, surveys, opt-in forms, and even more inside videos on their websites. For example, you may give a timed pop-up in your video and ask them to fill their information before continuing watching the rest of the video. The result of this is that you can easily collect your spectator’s information and then show them your products or service derive from their answer.

Several possibilities such as call-to-action buttons, social share buttons, surveys or others are appeared inside the video causing the viewers not to ignore.

In general, Video Overplay is a powerful product from an outstanding marketer which allows you to make video more powerful than ever.


Video Overplay 1

Until now, Cindy Donovan has created 10 launches. Video Overplay is her first launch that was launched in 19 July 2015. She is an affiliate marketing expert, networker, product creation veteran, strategic connector to all-from newbies to billionaires in Northland, New Zealand. Cindy enjoys to see the industry grow and love creating new products. That may be a fundamental basis for her to start creating launches.


- Place call-to-action buttons inside videos on your blog

- Insert opt-in forms inside your video

- Multiple call-to-action buttons for maximum conversion

- Add social sharing buttons to videos

- Put any kind of ML banner advertising

- Split test your advertising

- Track impressions and actions

Once you tend to open an online business, and introduce your products and service via video marketing, Video Overplay can be the necessary tool for your campaign.


  • Put the video link that you wish for using into the plugin
  • Determine your desired outcome (sale, share or survey)
  • ​Copy the short code given and post in your blog
  • Have the benefit of increased opt-ins, trade, and profits

That seems obviously that there is no need any persuasion about how to taking plain videos then making them interactive are going to raise profits.

We cannot deny that there are a lot of video marketers attempt to direct their viewers’ consideration to their call-to-actions in the video’s description. That leads to many of these videos really turn well. Obviously, the success and popularity of YouTube is not an exception.

Video Overplay 2

So what will happen if we move all of those CTA sections that are located outside of the videos to inside of videos instead? How effective it is if we put them at those specific parts of the video and make sure that the viewers are going to totally interact by anyway.

In my experience, whenever people experience a quality product or service, they will come back to that product or service, and better when they introduce that product and service to their friends, and relatives. I strongly hold a belief that if you can create a quality, powerful, and professional video, everything will enhance and your profits will improve also.


- Creating stunning lead capture forms that display inside your videos

- Unlimited social traffic is just a few clicks away, allowing you to share your blogs content or drive traffic to your own social pages.

- Target your offers with a question that asks them what they need and send them to the exact product or video that they want and need.

Video Overplay 4

- Customizable call to action buttons lets you choose what it looks like, your text and where you want people to go when they click.

- Affiliate banners give you the opportunity to make more with your YouTube advertising views, send them to a CPA offer, an amazon product or JVZoo review.

Video Overplay 3
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I might be wrong but usually, people are willing to pay a huge money for marketing to improve their trade, sales, and profits. But to be honest, I have never seen any interactive video player on the market offering as much value as Video Overplay charging $27. However, the price will be up in the future, day by day. So if you think this Video Overplay is helpful for you, don’t miss this opportunity.

Just one click to install, Video Overplay is a super simple WordPress plugin. No need a luxury, or modern device, Video Overplay can work on any computer. All you need is a self hosted WordPress blog.

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