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Traffic Trigger – Without banning, your videos step by step approach the initial clients easier.

Traffic Trigger - AZ Review

Have you ever created a video in order to share to your friends, relatives, upload to YouTube or others social networks and forums? Or did you ever use a video to advertise your products online so that you can improve your profits? Maybe yes, but did these activities satisfy your demand and hope? What happen with the unexpected results?

Traffic Trigger

For instant, the number of viewers is too few and the rate of your video searching is too low. This proves that you will find the solution for this circumstance. Obviously, we always make the same mistake that we usually create so many different accounts then use those account to search, to watch and to interact with our own videos. This step is done several times so that our videos will get the high rank in searching, and more easily come to people.

However, is this method effective? Whether you have enough time and effort to follow this approach is a big question? Of course yes if you possess 1 or 2 videos. I am sure that you will need a team of 50 people or more to conduct this strategy in case of 10 or more videos. Personally, I think it is too waste including time and effort.

In that situation, Free Traffic was born. I absolutely agree that with Traffic Trigger, making money have never been easier before.


Product Name: Traffic Trigger

Vendor: Art Flair

Launch Date: 18 March 2017

Front-end Price: $27 - $37

Niche: Video

Easy To Use9


To understand more about Traffic Trigger, we should together learn about the elements making the success of a video:

- A successful video has to firstly possess a keyword. This keyword need to be popular, and easy to understand. The fact is that if you do research for a list of keyword, you will see that the longer keyword always attracts fewer accession. But if you know how to arrange popular keywords in the right way, your accession certainly grow faster.

- You can also write a description, a title for your video based on the keywords.

- The keywords should be repeated several times.

In recent years, the computer programmers have been trying to solve this problem. Have you ever thought what happen if a video system was in a sequence and rank proved that will never change? And then everything will be automated leading to productivity raise and obviously, profits raise also.

Traffic Trigger helps you to upload your post not only to YouTube, but also to Vimeo that possess millions of spectators monthly, Photobucket, DailyMotion, Veoh and Tumblr as well. All of these website possess the huge number of accession and high rank.

So, let’s imaging that you possess 5 unique videos and target keyword toward 5 popular video websites randomly daily and not be banned by Google. In addition, you also possess 5 separated accounts in each website. With those things, you can absolutely easily send 125 videos every day, 3.750 every month, around 45.000 a year. And everything is almost automated! Everything from a video!

What is different between that you possess 1 video a day and that you possess 250 videos a day. It’s a huge gap. And with 250 videos a day, you totally can dominate the online market sooner and sooner.

It’s all about Traffic Trigger!


  • Replace the jobs done by human by powerful software.
  • Uploading your videos on several channels.
  • Make your videos appear in number of websites or YouTube with the high rank searching.
  • ​Auto upload your video on websites helping you to save time.
  • Make your video get the high searching rate in google.


· With one click, your videos will be duplicated to many unique versions.

· Add geographic tag by using Maps in your videos.

· Using many different keywords in order to rank and improve the number of accession

· Embed already up loaded video link to the video spectators are watching.

· Provide you

· Traffic Trigger even help increasing your video sequence by auto send the reports to many famous blog, auto add geographic tag and related image to videos.


Traffic Trigger

· The marketers who want to advertising the products by collecting the number of accession and want their video possess a high searching rate on Google

· The products owner

· The marketing website owner.

· The service suppliers

· SEO counselor

· Even offline businessman want to use this powerful tool in order to increase their website sequence leading to let more and more people know them.


· You are worried about shooting? Don’t be afraid, we are going to show you the simplest way to make those videos in few minutes.

· How to quickly pull the sales up to pick, break the record of online revenue of Six Figure with few weeks using this simple tool and method.

· How to get the best result from this tool in few minutes, even you are a newbie without any experience and technological skills.

· The simple step to automate almost these things in few minutes every day. In reality, we will guide you the more effective and faster working process instead.

· How to start to make money as soon as possible.


Launched in 18 March 2017, Traffic Trigger includes 2 versions: Traffic Trigger Silver, and Traffic Trigger Gold.

Let’s take a look at the difference between these type of Traffic Trigger at the table below

Traffic Trigger 8
Traffict Trigger (2)
Traffict Trigger (5)
Traffict Trigger (6)
Traffict Trigger (7)
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