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ReClick 2.0 – a professional platform for optimizing existing marketing campaigns, landing pages or video presentations, getting more sales and profits.

ReClick 2.0 - AZ Review

Have you ever driven traffic via a blog, a website, ecommerce store, squeeze page of any landing page others? But do you know how wasted that method is? Let’s take a quick look to the study below:

Converting at (percentage)Wasted (Percentage)
Your sale page5%95%
Your lead page30%70%

Do you like to save your traffic, increase the sales enhance the profits? ReClick 2.0 will be the reliable tool helping you stop that waste.


Simple to say, ReClick 2.0 created by Precious Ngwu is a powerful marketing platform allowing you to put a single line of code to let you direct your traffic then convert the spectators in to consumers. As far as I know, to improve your traffic and make more profit, you should never let any spectators leave your website before they are converted to buyers. It’s totally serious!

The ReClick 2.0 is going to plug the leak and ready to save your sales in just 3 easy steps:

  • Creating an easy ReClick campaign
  • Copying the code then put it on your page
  • Letting it run and see how magically it will conduct

However, ReClick 2.0 is not only about making more profit, but also about innovating existing marketing campaign.


Product Name: ReClick 2.0

Vendor: Precious Ngwu

Launch Date: 20 March 2017

Front-end Price: $47

Niche: Software

Easy To Use9


There are 4 main point making ReClick 2.0 special:

1. ReClick 2.0 brings you more beautiful and high converting tamplates.

ReClick 2

The main point is that no matter how much your effort, things will stand still if your templates cannot catch the visitors’ eyes. There is no doubt that every professional marketer know that template is extremely most important in attracting visitors. However, many Internet users still waste their time on other unattractive platforms. Don’t be worried anymore! ReClick 2.0 was born to throw your concern away because ReClick 2.0 brings you thousands of beautiful templates.

2. ReClick 2.0 provides an extremely simple and easy to use and a super flexible editor.

Beside giving a number of templates, ReClick 2.0 is also a professional editor letting you customize those templates then easily create campaigns speedily. With the flexibility, you can easily create anything from scratch in few minutes.

3. ReClick 2.0 is really clever

As far as I can see, ReClick 2.0 can be considered as one of the cleverest re-engagement marketing platform. With around 50 probable combinations of ReClick 2.0 automation standard, you absolutely can configure your ReClick 2.0 campaign behaving in processes that you wouldn’t believe. And I’m sure that you cannot find those 100% performance based in any other priced tools.

4. No monthly payment – No Throttling – Pay once, use for long life


No need to pay for it every month, ReClick 2.0 is a wonderful marketing tool that you can use frequently in your business to earn more profit.

In my experience, most other platforms always require you to pay every month for subscription fees. And it’s not stop at this, they will limit the number of your viewers you get per month. For example, we usually see the circumstance that with $49 per month, they numbers of visitors is 10,000. If you’re the number of visits come over 10,000, you will be asked for upgrade or account or your campaign will be cut off.

However, ReClick 2.0 will not put you in this awkward situation. With ReClick 2.0, you pay once, and you use for life, your traffic is unlimited.


1. On your blogs as well as websites

If you are possessing a blog or a website that help you keep in touch with your spectators, don’t hesitate copy the simple script code from ReClick 2.0 then paste it there. You will see how your traffic increase day by day.

2. On your sale pages

Similar to the way applied with blog and website, just put the code on your sale pages and wait for the improvement.

3. On your lead capture and landing pages

ReClick 2.0 will stop spectators leaving and recapture. Even if your converting is just 30%, ReClick will help you peak your opt-in rate to 40% or 50% easily.

4. On your shopify and eCom stores


If you have an online store, I’m sure that you always want your store to be the dream shoppers magnets. ReClick 2.0 can help you. Let’s integrate ReClick 2.0 in your online store so that it can force your spectators to add your products to their cart and buy them.

5. Video marketers

ReClick 2.0 will bring you a magic if you market with your videos by displaying up at a certain point in the video.

6. To Max ROI on your paid traffic

To stop losing potential profits, stop waste the money for the click, come to ReClick 2.0

7. Any place you want to catch the visitors, turn them into buyers before they leave you site



- More beautiful templates with higher converting bringing your lost traffic back, and improve sales for you

- Building your campaign faster with the smart editor

- Conversion tracking for the best campaign performance

- Simply track your viewers, subscriptions and sales on campaigns you are managing with the platform

- Over 7 million free images in the huge professional image library used in your marketing campaign

- Use with unrestricted websites and landing pages

- No throttling – unrestricted traffic

- Sort campaign into projects

- eCommerce and shopify ready

- Everything is mobile ready

- Works for any languages and countries

- Integrated with the industry

- Sort templates by their performance then bring your campaign significant head-start


1. Create a campaign

2. Design and configure

3. Copy, paste, and profit

Visit The Offical Website


With ReClick 2.0, there are 10 unlimited for you:

1. Visitors and page viewers

2. Websites and domains

3. Projects

4. Campaigns

5. Leads

6. Automations

7. Cloud hosting

8. Application integrations

9. Updates

10. Support

And all about that, ReClick 2.0 charge you one time fee only $47. You don’t need to pay monthly. Just $47, ReClick 2.0 belongs to you long life.

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