Profitbuilder 2.0 Review – Return Of Ultimate Marketing Page Builder

Have plans of creating eye-catching pages but do not know where to begin? This ProfitBuilder 2.0 Review will bring the answer to light.

Profitbuilder 2.0 - Az Review

The advancement of technology has dramatically changed the way people do their business, where thousands of online marketing funnels come into existence to boost marketing and sales. That business profit is getting more varied by the number of online visitors is the main motivation for developers to offer various kinds of marketing page builders with the ultimate goal of enabling marketers to build lead pages for their own or the other’s business.

In that context, in 2014, ProfitBuilder was first launched and soon got certain impressive achievements. However, the next generation – ProfitBuilder 2.0 – promises to offer more power to satisfy marketers dream. This ProfitBuilder 2.0 Review will show what it can do.

Profitbuilder 2.0 Review - Overview

  • Name of product: ProfitBuilder 2.0
  • Creator: Sean Donahoe
  • Niche: Affiliate Marketing
  • Launch:
    Pre-launch starts on March 20th, 2017.
    Cart opens on March 28th, 2017 for seven days.
  • Launching time: 11.00 AM EST/ 8.00 AM PST.
  • Front-end Offer: $47 - $67 varying in 3 different packages.
Easy To Use10

What is ProfitBuilder 2.0? – Its main features

ProfitBuilder 2.0 is the next version of marketing page builder further developed on the basis of some main features from its original software. Technically, it is still a drag and drop marketing page builder for WordPress which is so simple for even newbies, who have never been exposed to any kind of coding or program developing language, to create any kind of marketing pages varying from Sales pages, Member portals, Webinar signup pages to Ecommerce Sites, Product Launch Pages or JV pages, etc.

With the provided collection of more than 75 pre-built templates with full customization options, it enables users to instantly build any type of marketing pages that you have been imagining. With this powerful system, the creation of a sales pages that makes shoppers scrambling to get products or a high-converting lead pages at guru level is not of difficulty anymore. All you have to do is pick a pre-done attractive layout according to your need and customize it with any kind of your designed graphics or videos, etc. and ProfitBuilder 2.0 will take all of the rest.

Another feature to mention, which make ProfitBuilder 2.0 distinct from its other rival software, is the most reasonable price ever. Instead of bearing additional overhead costs incurred from monthly subscription fee to maintain your created landing pages.

Now you have to pay a lump sum of $47 to $67 as an initial investment and monthly charge of…nothing.

In a nutshell, this software is not only a fantastic tool for page creation to generate sales but also a great way to maximize conversions and promote profits for your own online business, which has been indicated by its name already – ProfitBuilder.

Profitbuilder 2.0

“Under the hood” new incredible improvements of ProfitBuilder 2.0

ProfitBuilder 2.0 has proven itself to be an amazing system in building marketing pages. So, what exactly makes this new version even more incredible compared to its original one. Since the first launch in 2014, Sean Donahoe and his developers dedicated their effort and last months to add all the powerful features and tweaks, of which marketers are dreaming.

Rapid Funnel Builder

It is now quicker and easier to create any kind of high-converting funnels for lead pages, sales pages, opt-in pages, bonus pages and more. So every need will be exactly met by ProfitBuilder 2.0.

Profitbuilder 2.0

Dynamic Split Testing System

Thanks to the new intelligent and adaptive Split Testing System, conversions of your marketing pages and funnels will be highly maximized, and more profits may be generated as a result.

Profitbuilder 2.0

Conversion Tracking System

With the assistance of Conversion Tracking System, supervision of your conversions, profits and campaign success now becomes quicker and easier with ProfitBuilder 2.0.

Profitbuilder 2.0

Revamped FreeFlow UI

A new Freeflow UI which is further developed based off the original one makes it even more powerful, flexible and intuitive.

Profitbuilder 2.0

New Revisions System

The new Revisions System will enable users to go back to any previous designed or auto-saved version of pages just by a few clicks.

Profitbuilder 2.0

Over 100+ Optimized Templates

A diversified set of more than a hundred of high-converting and optimized page template will visualize any users’ imagination and satisfy their practical needs.

Profitbuilder 2.0

Smart Speed Boosting

A slow page is one of the main obstacles that prevents shoppers from accessing to their desired products, and even make their interest vanished off. However, this is no longer a risk to your pages with Smart Speed Boosting of ProfitBuilder version 2.0.

Profitbuilder 2.0

Mobile First Philosophy

The increasing use of mobile devices requires pages to be fully customized and optimized to fit a variety of devices. Being aware of this, ProfitBuilder 2.0 will make your pages more eye-catching to fans of mobile devices.

Profitbuilder 2.0

Improved Ecommerce Support

ProfitBuilder 2.0 is now a gate for access to the $2.3 trillion Ecommerce Industry which is getting more potential and profitable.

Profitbuilder 2.0

Initial investment and how to buy?

ProfitBuilder 2.0 is now offered in 3 different packages or License Levels ranging from $47 to $67, depending on your needs. Besides this reasonable initial investment, you are not going to pay any monthly fee to keep your pages running. However, the vendor still offers many value-added services such as template club that provides more new templates every month, LeadsFlow Pro or ProfitBuilder Masterclass, etc.

As regards how to obtain this system, you can mark down some key dates of prelaunch and launching in your calendar, then register your email to get your own affiliate links, swipes and other resources after the cart opens. If you have owned the old version already, you will get the upgrade to the new one for free.

How to run it?

As stated in this ProfitBuilder 2.0 Review, it is simple to run it and install WordPress plugin in which a set of intuitive design will be added. From now on, you can access to the pack of over 100 high-converting and proven templates and create any type of pages that you expect.

Why should it be invested into?

By describing a ton of incredible features plus new “under the hood” improvements and tweaks, ProfitBuilder 2.0 Review has pointed out that this software is obviously an amazing tool that visualizes your imagination of lead pages. It will enable you to build your own high-converting marketing page with reasonable price, easy utilization and a better grasp of the chance to succeed in your business or maximize your commissions.


ProfitBuilder 2.0 is the brand-new version of marketing page builder with more power and more valuable improvements compared to the original one. With this system, becoming a marketer on your own merit is much less challenging, despite your experience or budget.

This ProfitBuilder 2.0 Review is expected to bring you a deeper insight into this powerful software. However, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Why don’t you grasp your own experience and opinion about this product by jumping at the chance and see by yourself?

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