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Using Podcast in selling online products has been a new trend recent years. Let’s check out my Podcasting Simplified Review to know how to do that.

In this competitive world, one business cannot firmly stand on the market if it doesn’t have anything unique or attractive. This issue has made many affiliate marketers or online entrepreneur wracked their brain and their mind, finding something special for their products. Do you know Podcasting simplified? If don't know that's okay. I will show you right bellow.

Imagine that you can offer your customers a new way of getting to know your products: using Podcast. Yes, you read that right. Podcasting Simplified is the new approach I just have told you.

Let’s follow my Podcasting Simplified Review to know how exactly you can use Podcasting Simplified for your business. And I am pretty sure you will love it!

Podcasting Simplified Review – Overview

Vendor: Sue Freckenstein et al

Product: Podcasting Simplified

Launch Date: 2017-Mar-12

Launch Time: 10: 00 EST

Front-End Price: $17

Affiliate Network: WarriorPlus

Niche: PLR

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What is Podcasting Simplified?

Podcasting Simplified allows you to create your own Podcast in just a few steps. These podcasts can be used for many purposes, one of which is promoting your online business in a new and attractive way.

This is an amazing tool to help you get more important traffic for your site. Or you can use Podcasting Simplified to create your own e-books or digital courses and then sell it.

The content created by Podcasting Simplified can be customized by adding new photos or affiliate products. There you just have a newly created product in just a couple of minutes.

Podcasting Simplified

What are the great features of Podcasting Simplified?

Create Podcasts for product promotion

Well, there are many benefits when you start to create podcasts for your business. Podcasting Simplified has an adequate tool to help you produce a podcast. You can decide whatever the content is, adding many images or affiliate links you may like to advance your business.

It allows you to put everything you want to convey to the audience in the new form of communication. This approach is really new to help your business outstanding amongst many similar contents from other businesses.

Create e-products such as e-course, e-book

Another point in this part of Podcasting Simplified Review is that not only can it help you create podcasts for product promotion, you are also able to create courses or e-book and then monetize from it. You can brand it on your own. This is exactly all you need to launch a new product.

Price and how to buy it

Below are the prices for this software:

Podcasting Simplified

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  • Front End: $17 including 12 articles on Podcasting, 12 professional recordings of the article, social media shareable images, and many more.
  • Upsell: $22 Additional contents such as tips, videos, graphics and more.
  • Upsell 2: $37 Purchase Resell Right and then resell it to remain the entire profit.
Podcasting Simplified

Why should you buy it?

Get rid of written contents

Nowadays people use written contents so often that they somehow make it the most boring form of contents. Imagine you are out of idea for your blog post and all you need is a break from all the words, then use Podcasts. Podcast will magically refresh your pages by using audio to get to the audience.

Conveying your information through the microphone may seem to be more effective than the traditional way. It may take a shorter time to complete and you do not have to spend a huge amount of money paying for someone to write you the content. Now you can do it on your own within a couple of minutes.

That is why you need Podcasting Simplified to make all these reasons become valid. Podcasting Simplified is really what you are looking for to advance your online business.

Headed to a huge number of potential customers

It cannot be denied that there are lots of people who love to hear podcast out there. The information in the podcast can be consumed easily and effectively. Also, they can hear the podcast while doing other things, which can help save time.

Newbie friendly

You may think of using video to convey the information. That’s cool, but not so cool for those who are quite shy in front of the camera. That’s why Podcast is a reasonable choice in this situation.

The thing I like to tell you the most about Podcasting Simplified in the Podcasting Simplified Review is that it is absolutely easy to use. Contrary to popular belief, create a podcast is much easier than making a video.

Those who are not quite confident in making a video like I said before should definitely get this one! It’s really amazing and would be a pity if you miss the chance owing it.


All in all, this is everything I think you should know about Podcasting Simplified. This, in my opinion, is one of a great way to get ahead of other competitors on the market. Podcasting Simplified is a great companion to help you refresh and earn more traffic to your sites. Thanks for spending time reading my Podcasting Simplified Review and I will see you soon. Goodbye!

Podcasting Simplified
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