Lets Animated 3 Review

With amazing and professional animated characters, creating video is not a trouble anymore. The entire excellent collection of Animated Characters can be immediately used in your videos.

Welcome to my Lets Animated 3 Review! You are a designer or an online businessman and tend to create an advertising videos to introduce your products to whole people. But how to make an attractive and professional video? Stop here and I will show you the key secret!

The fact is that in the cruel business environment today, the competition among enterprises has become more and more severe than ever before. Although you are an online businessman with your own products or services, or you possess your own company, you have to let people know your products. But how you can approach your customers and bring your products to them in the fastest way is a big question.

I strongly hold the belief that you just only attract the customers whenever you create a professional and attractive video, not a typical video with some simple soundtracks and images.

So what will you do to make an expert and professional video? Will you be ready to pay $3,000 for a marketing company to advertise your products in 3 minutes? Of course if you have a full wallet. So why don’t you think about Lets Animate 3 that requires just a little budget.


  • Product Name: Lets Animate 3
  • Vendor: Reza Aprian
  • Launch Date: 18 March 2017
  • Front-end Price: $17 - $27
  • Niche: Video


Lets Animate 3 can be understood as a super high quality collection of several character animation and background for making professional video. It’s a brand new products helping designers as well as online businessman create their own advertising product videos.

Lets Animate 3 integrates more than 60 modules lively scene of cartoon characters with high quality. Other words, Lets Animate provides you many characters with many races, nationalities, gender or occupation. I strongly believe that it will be a fundamental basis for you to create a vivid and professional advertising video. That’s lead to a smart interaction to potential customers, avoiding causing bored to them.

With Lets Animate 3, you easily work with most popular video software such as:


Lets Animate 3 is a products was created by Reza Aprian – the CEO and Founder at Mascot Creator Toolkit in Indonesia. People know him with 8 launches and Lets Animate 3 is the latest launch that was introduced at 18 March 2017. Some attractive launches by Rezo are:


Premium flexibility: Lets Animate 3 absolutely works with any other videos software because it provides several file format such as SWF, PNG, GIF or even MOV for every lively scene.

Studio Premium quality: Lets Animate 3 provides high quality images and background that you cannot find in any similar products. Moreover, you can use HD transparent MOV version for your high quality and professional videos.

Easy acting and usage: With premium appropriation, it does not require you any animated skill. All you need to do is drag and drop, put it in your software videos.

Excessive Definition: Using After Impact software program running the product, users can you HD Clear MOV model then they can make a professional movies


Over 420 unique pictures and images

Over 10,000 background images

14 different cartoon characters​

High quality images and animations

Appropriate with almost other software making videos

Long-life access



My personal view is that in marketing tendency these days, to keep customers away from tediousness, video marketing appears. There is no doubt that marketing by making visual and vivid videos introducing your company and products absolutely a smart method ever. I cannot deny that video marketing is the shortest way to touch customers taste.

Let’s take a quick look at these real event below:

  • 77% viewers are persuaded to purchase products after watching an interesting video
  • 91% business tend to raise the salary for marketers as well as designers in 2016
  • 72% companies reveal that they have improved their sales rate strongly

This proves that marketing via videos is really awesome! But, what is even worse when there is still situation that 61% consumers deny to try or buy products after watching a boring introducing products video


As far as I known, Lets Animate 3 has been considered as the best software on the market at the moment. With easy usage, Lets Animate 3 hold a vital role in people thinking. Even the beginners do not need to have any technical experience. This proves that it is a good news and a good program for designers or online businessman.


If you are interested in Lets Animate 3, hurry up and get it for $23.9 right now. Don’t hesitate to buy it now if you don’t want to purchase it with a higher price. The Price will be higher and higher day by day.

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