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This Review is about a site for sale with 200 members and also a list of 6k leads, earning $500+/mo Affiliate Earnings. is a website for sale. Looking at the overview of the site, we all can see that it is on the upward trend.

For some reasons, the owner cannot spend time developing this site, so it is on sale. Let’s check it out at my Review to see if it is a worth investing site. Let’s go! Review – Overview

Vendor: Johnathan Smith

Site type: eCommerce

Site age: 2 years

Platform: WordPress





What is it?

This is a membership site including:

  • Landing page for building leads
  • Blog – content about affiliate marketing
  • Forum – place for the courses’ discussions
  • Membership Pages – place to contain the contents

The membership is now $4.95 a month. This fee includes access to all courses from past to present and valid as long as the membership exists. At the point of writing this post, the site received little cancels and only 2 refunds. Seem like a good place to invest!

Monetization method: The site make profits from Product or Service Sales.

Here is information about the countries that get top access:


What are special about this website?

In the next part of the Review, I am going to list out what you will get when buying this site:

  • Twitter Account
  • Facebook Account: up to 580 followers
  • YouTube Account: more than 150 subscribers
  • SEO Domination
  • List building Domination
  • YouTube Domination
  • 2 domains including and

The owner of the site used optimize press to develop membership pages and aMember for its membership tool. Also, Profit Builder is applied for the homepage, a landing page that has created tons of leads from paid traffic.

How does it work?

To put it simply, you monetize from this site by writing courses and sell on the site. The content can be outsourced for professional writers. Then you can use affiliate network such as JVZoo, WarriorPlus or Clickbank to help you sell it.

Normally, the owner just posts a WSO to WF. By doing so he gets from 3 to 15 sales a day. Based on what the owner posted on WF, users then check out and then access to the course thanks to the details sent to them.

The membership of this site consists of forum access and premium forums. There are still lots of free content that can be developed further.

Price and how to buy it

Here is the membership Area

There is one thing I should note to you in this Review. Free members do not have access to all of the content uploaded. There are icons illustrating that course are about to be developed. This gap can be filled by the buyer of this site.

If you launch course properly and effectively, you can easily sell them on WF and earn a huge profit from them.

There is another membership site that reaches up to 5k every launch. The site has just been developed so the buyer will have lots of room to grow it according to their ideas. Rebills will take place every month and at a 50% retention.

Here are the steps you should do to earn money:

  • Build a course
  • Launch it (Find affiliates and JV's)
  • Doing Ads
  • Paid PPC Traffic
  • Create Leads and then Send to your Funnel

$4.95 is the upsell for every product launched. Every course cost $14 in which member has life access to the course.

Why should you buy it?

Simple supervisor

From the owner’s information, this site is incredibly easy to manage. It doesn’t take much time to do the supervisor thing. All you have to do is to go to the forums and make sure the content is rolling or start discussions for members. In simple words, all it needs is consistency and perseverance.

I should not forget to mention that you can always update the contents of the course and then send members the update. This is one of the ways to keep members stay with the site as well as attract the new ones.

Big email list

The email list from the site is approximately 7k. This is a quite good email list to start affiliate campaigns to advance business.

Here is my little advice for why you’d better buy this site in this Review: this site is really worth investing. With all the signs mentioned about, the site can be developed vastly and promises to give huge returns. This site is really a good chance for those who love to do business online by building a website and do not have time to start from scratch. Grab it fast!


All in all, this site is very promising and every detail has a tendency to grow further. If you have any intention to buy this site then quickly, the offer won’t stand for long. Thanks for spending time reading my Review and I will see you soon. Goodbye!

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