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FeelSocial Review – Branch new “All-in-one” Facebook Software letting you mass-message, mass-profit with illimitable automated follow ups.

Hi everyone! Welcome to my FeelSocial review. First of all, I would like to say that FeelSocial – the astounding software product by Brad Stephens - is the number 1 belonging to those all-in-one automated facebook messenger software.

FeelSocial gives you permission to message directly to your whole clients. In addition, FeelSocial also helps you reply to the customers automatically or even starts the whole follow-up sequences in advance beforehand.

Let imagine you have a company, an online grocery store or a clothing store, and you always wish for advertising your products or you just simply want to take care of your customers as well as seek for primary potential customers. However, the cost for these operations does not belong to your control of expenditure. So why don’t you come to the branch new intellectual online application named FeelSocial.

This online software has been considered as a tool to help you conduct all those problems in the most expeditious, professional and straightforward way.

FeelSocial Overview

  • Homepage: FeelSocial Official Site
  • Vendor: Brad Stephens
  • Product Name: FeelSocial
  • Type of products: Software Application
  • Objective market: Facebook marketing, Social marketing
  • Official Price: $47
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So What Is Feel Social?

FeelSocial can be called an instrument aiding you manage your facebook page automatically via messenger application. It can be said that everything is going to be automated. Specially, FeelSocial substitutes you to send messages to all of your customers directly, then reply your customer’s messages automatically by a self-acting program that has been set up before.

FeelSocial is completely novel as well as special, and this application is going to open up a facebook’s new era through the process of sending messages to all the clients, attending to regular customers, and searching for the prospective consumers.


Usually, online marketers have to face to a big regular issues that is getting prospective clients turn into repeat buyers. How great it is if you could make your clients come back and continue purchase your products by keeping in touch with them and via conversing 1 on 1, thanking them for their purchase, of offering them a reduction or a voucher for their future business. However, who has time to do that?

With the creative application FeelSocial, you can easily set up your whole messaging follow-up chronology using the corporation’s supremely user-friendly technology. Because they hold all the message that is coded for only you, you do not need to prepare any single code. After getting FeelSocial, whenever a client texts to your facebook page, comments on your posts or advertisements, they absolutely turn into a subject that you can follow up at any time you want. To make more profit, you just keep on utilizing facebook advertising to seek for the first customers. After that, you get this application so that you can easily attract repeat sales and develop a long-lasting consummers.


Those characteristics mentioned below clearly introduce to you a right lifetime facebook messenger leads, automated messenger operation and an entire creative beneficial facebook messenger epoch.

1. Adding whichever Facebook page

Pick any Facebook page out to either dispatch a broadcast into each facebook page’s initial customers’ inbox directly or start a whole messaging funnel for.

2. Dispatch broadcast private messages

You wish for sending a custom individual message to every initial client on your Facebook page the most quickly and conveniently? Don’t worry, FeelSocial will replace you to solve this problem. Now you can dispatch a number of message to hundreds even thousands potential clients at once. You can feel free and relief when you do not worry about spending hours of manual approached method.

3. Generate all messaging funnels

You may generate a whole follow-up series of illimitable messages just like you conduct with an auto-responder. Dispatch user’s distinct messages reply on actuator and how they react to your automated messages.

4. Excellent customizations

Comprising beneficial and engaging customizations like images, description, dynamic variables, headlines, custom call to actions as well as outward links in any of your messages.

5. Start routine triggers

Star a trigger for every message will be send is required. Then, these peculiar triggers let you trigger clients to any message you want. If they function your unique trigger such as concerned with a definite keyword in their replies, a custom private message of your selection will be dispatched to their Facebook inbox automatically.

6. Start custom atency.

Using discretionary atency between message that is going to be dispatch adds a “real” component to your messages and perform it like your initial customers are converse to you in reality.

7. Patterns

Generate pattern messages making starting up messaging funnels is really easy as counting. All you need to do is drag and drop your pattern reaction so as to create a whole beneficial and engaging Facebook messaging funnel!

8. Calendar

FeelSocial lets you easily and rapidly see whenever messaging will be dispatch via calendar characteristic. With FeelSocial’s calendar, you can absolutely cancel a messaging operation or correct it before it comes to your entire potential clients’ Facebook inboxes.

9. Sync messenger leads from your website

Just embed one of our custom buttons on your website and you can collect leads from your website traffic…off of Facebook. Double your leads using this key feature!


There are 4 straightforward steps in FeelSocial setip procedure:

  • Choose a Facebook page: Choose a single one of your Facebook pages to start a messaging drive.
  • Generate a novel automated massaging funnel: Generate a novel massage with your custom discretionary characteristics like headlines, images, descriptions, outward links, call to actions, or more.
  • Start your trigger, delay: Start your straightforward trigger for a message that will be dispatch to your initial clients. Do you desire it to be dispatch for the first time they message your page or when the reliable keyword in their responds.
  • Generate illimitable follow-up messages: Generate an illimitable number of follow up messages that utilize your triggers. Now you can see message that will be dispatch for a keyword and another for a separated keyword that was used in a initial clients’ respond.



Try bringing it to a person without any experience and waiting for what happens. Then you will not believe your eyes when watching them work. As far as I know FeelSocial has been considered as the easiest to conduct in application field. With FeelSocial, within few minutes, an absolute new user without experience in software or online marketing can start their automated Facebook massaging funnel.

You can make money online even you are an absolute beginner. There is great new toward those who are current online marketer. It is clear that FeelSocial will be a tool help you to raise your profit notably and operate a passive income streams.



- 100% Facebook compliant

- Message your whole Facebook page right insight their Facebook inbox ulitizing particular triggers

- World’s first all in one Facebook messaging application

- Any responds will be automatically reacted to without typing any word

- Generate long-term Facebook messenger leads


Until now, I did not find out the cons of this application



  • Leave your Facebook leads slip away
  • Wasting hours on one by one approached method
  • Approaching 10% of your initial clients by Facebook messenger or email
  • Losing saleLosing even 1 potential clients
  • Trying to organize loyalty and trust on Facebook
  • Wasting money on advertising on Facebook monthly


  • TeeSpring Mastery: a video training course covering entirely how you can start your own beneficial business.
  • Attention to Retention: guiding you how to keep and gratify existing clients and make them be repeat clients.
  • WP Social Locker: letting you to lock a portion of content belonging to a web page until any users press on social buttons such as Google +1, Facebook Like to increase your likes, traffic or clients!
  • WP Ad Slinger: Generating illimitable Facebook-style advertising by some press to raise click-through rates, sales and conversion belonging to your website.
  • Premium FB Graphics 2.0: Changing your Facebook page to an expert marketing powerhouses via the astonishing novel graphics package.
  • FB Timeline Express Software: letting you to generate images on Facebook timeline in one minutes!
  • FB Legal Doc Creator: with Facebook’s Terms of Service, automatically creating documents for you to be 100% acquiescent.
  • High Ticket Authority: Guiding you the way to raise your sales.
  • Video Clipper Software: Letting you put your video in any place of your page by working as a widget.


Unitl now, there are 2 way to possess FeelSocial

  • FeelSocial Monthly with $27 per month including 2,000 messages a month and 5 Facebook pages.
  • FeelSocial Lifetime with only $28.95 Lifetime including 10,000 messages a month and unlimited Facebook pages.

Which one will you choose? Hurry up!! The price will be rise soon.

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