Carvly Review – Best Multi-function Video Automation Tool In 2017

Carvly Review: honest review about the new tool on the market with an extensive built-in video and visual editor and exciting lead generation functions.

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Hi there and welcome to my Carvly review. To warm it up, let me ask you some simple questions.

Have you recently surfed your Facebook news feed on your smartphone and been caught by an attractive viral video?

​I bet you have. There’s something really interesting in them making us want to share them with our family, colleagues, and friends. That’s the power of videos. And when it comes to B2B companies, the power remains the same. Effective videos can inform, persuade, build relationships, gain trust and communicate a brand story with its value.

The Future of Content Marketing is Video Marketing!

In this 2017, video marketing is predicted to rule this industry. Cisco has expected traffic consumption by videos to account for nearly 70% of all Internet traffic when it comes to the end of 2017.

Technology B2B companies can take the advantages of video marketing to leverage the power of their services and dominate those industries. Why are video contents much more powerful than written ones? Here are the strengths of video marketing:

  • Easier to connect with speakers
  • Less effort to consume
  • Catches the eye in social media feeds
  • Demonstrates products in use

The harsh thing is video editors are getting saturated by their technology and functions. You can see thousand of software in this world, but they are using the same technology. We don’t talk about video editors which cost thousands or hundreds of dollars to get because they are too expensive.

Karthik Ramani has just come back with a brand new software called Carvly, and today I want to introduce it to you. This will be the next generation automation tool for digital marketing with even the effective lead capturing function.

Join Carvly

Join Carvly

So what is Carvly? Is it really a good product or just a scam? Let’s look at its features and read my evaluation in this Carvly review right below to see how well it works.

What is Carvly?

Carvly is a new tool on the market with an extensive built-in video and visual editor. This will be the next generation of digital marketing automatic software since you can rarely find any video editor with sharing and lead generation features.

This software – Carvly – was designed to boost your viral video and greatly leverage your ranking as well as the brand authority on the market.

Carvly review

Carvly review

Great and Special Features of Carvly

Now let’s admit that you can do almost the same thing with different video editors, making it confusing to choose which is the best software for you. Or just pick a random software. Because they are all the same. Just kidding! You can’t do that because you will be drowned in the sea filled with tons of “random” people like that.

Great and Special Features of Carvly

Great and Special Features of Carvly

You have to choose a software with newest and cut-the-edge features to be able to compete with all competitors on the market today. And Carvly offers you those. Now let’s see the special features with that Carvly provides you:

Powerful Built-in video and visual editor

Powerful Built-in video and visual editor

Powerful Built-in video and visual editor

Carvly has inside it an image and video editor with full functions as any other video editors can do. This editor will help you to create your engaging marketing content as video and image forms within only a few minutes.

Create, schedule and post Ads

This is the function of Carvly that no other video editor has. You cannot find any video editors which can offer you an ultimate automation tool for creating, scheduling and posting Ads right from the tool’s dashboard for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Cloak URL

You can cloak your links with Carvly to generate beautiful links without any signals of affiliate marketing or campaign IDs.

Integrate A/B testing

A/B testing has been proved as a very effective method for marketing campaigns. It helps you to measure and test different styles or methods in the same campaign. Carvly offer you this feature, while on the market, you have to buy a stand-alone plugin for this with the price from $19-$39.

Analyze your leads

You can get a report about user behaviors on your videos and images, and analyze it to make the best change to your strategy. This function can be a useful sidekick along with the A/B testing function.

Analyze your leads

Analyze your leads

Some other noticeable features

  • Library with over 6 million free images and videos
  • Auto-responder Integrations
  • Unique landing pages with 'User Detail' form
  • Create and manage your marketing team

Who should use Carvly?

Now as you must know, the power of video marketing is rising and it seems not to have an end yet. Every business and company must have the newest tool to deal with the marketing market in 2017. This Carvly is the one tool that all of you will need.

So, if you are selling products and services, or wanting to use video marketing effectively, Carvly is your best affordable choice in this 2017.

Carvly review - PROs and CONs


- User-friendly interface

- A/B Testing function is good and effective

- Big library of media assets

- Smooth video editor


- Customer response is sometimes slow, but the answers are effective.

Final Evaluation and Price

Did you usually share informative and interesting videos on your social media pages to indirectly show your talking points? I’m sure you did.

So why don’t you catch this highly potential trend right now? Yes, this is what every business should do to grab its success in this year of videos. All companies are trying to make use of video marketing, and if you want to beat them, you are better taking your steps right now!

To sum this Carvly review up simply, this product is a rising star in the industry of video production and marketing. It has an affordable price with great automatic functions to create an effective system of leveraging your brand and marketing results. The app works seamlessly on any devices.

Carvly price is at a discount of only $37 for the Front-End version. This is valid for a very limited time only so if you want it, get it as soon as possible! The price is going up soon. For readers of this post who buy the product today through my link, you will get my special package of Carvly bonus! Check it right down here!


This is the end of my Carvly review. I hope you enjoyed this informative review and if you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you for reading!

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